U-Star E40 Fin-type 50W LED Bulb

Item NO: BU131-2P0050-615B Categories: U-Star E40 Fin-type LED Bulb

U-Star E40 Fin-type 50W industrial LED bulb lights are designed with pure aluminum heatsink which contributes to excellent heat radiating performance of the lamp. The PC cup makes the lamp high temperature resistance and fire resistance. The long lifespan of 30000hours will greatly reduce the maintenance cost. This series of light bulbs can be used in factory workshop, warehouse, shopping malls and centers, restaurant, etc. 



  • E40 international stand base, simplify installation.
  • High transmittance PC lampshade with 85~87% transmittance, offer perfect light without glare.
  • Fin shape heat sink to keep low 70degress junction temperature.
  • Lumen maintenance rate is above 90% within 6000hours, before lamp failure is above 70%.


Chip BrandPhilips Lumileds Luxeon 3030 (optional)
Power Supply ManufacturerMelon
Input VoltageAC90~305V/ 50~60Hz
Lamp’s Efficiency110lm/W (typ.)
Power FactorPF≥0.95
Luminous Output(Typ.)5000lm±6%
CRIRa>82 (optional from 70-95)
Lumen Maintenance>93% @10000h
Beam Angle180°
Optional LampE40
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ +50℃
Working Temperature -40℃ ~ +55℃
Working Humidity20%~90%