Titan 1000W LED High Power Spotlight

Item NO: FL002-0P1000-114A Categories: Titan LED High Power Spotlight

Titan 1000W LED high power spotlights are designed for sports and stadium lighting, architectural, airport, large factory building and other locations or occasions that need high power LED flood lighting. The light fixtures have excellent thermal performance by riveting the heatpipe to the fins. There are 10° × 90 ° and 50 °× 90° rectangular angle reflectors available as options to meet different needs. The high pressure die casting process makes the reflector solid.



  • Waterproof rate: IP 65.
  • Has been processed by electrophoretic paint, and passed 200 hours salt spray test.
  • Restrain the dazzle light and spill light effectively.
  • 4 mm tempered glass, no need for extra shield.
  • Long lifespan: 50000 hours.


Chip BrandCREE
Power SupplyMEAN WELL
Input VoltageAC90~305V/ 47~63Hz
Lamp’s Efficiency100 lm/W
Power Factor>0.98
Luminous Output(Typ.)100000 lm±6%
Color Temperature3000K~6500K
Storage Temperature﹣40℃ to +50℃
Working Temperature﹣40℃ to +55℃
Working Humidity20%-90%

Key Components

240° adjustable angle
With multiple adjustment point, the adjustment angel can be up to 240°.
Protection rate:IP 65
By using water-proof connectors and silicon rubber sealing, the protection rate can achieve IP65, meeting the requirement for harsh, tough environment.
Respirator design
Waterproof design, eliminating mist, avoiding codensation, improving quality, extending the life span.
The entire housing coated by electrophoretic paint
Processed by electrophoretic paint, measured by 200 hours salt spray test, the entire housing has excellent corrosion resistance.
Die-cast heatsink base integrated with cooling fins
Integrated housing looks gorgeous and concise,it is durable and of high performance.
Tempered glass panel
4mm tempered glass panel safely protect the lighting source, and the transparent rate is up to 93%.


Product OptionsHigh Efficacy
Size3.45 x 3.45 mm
Maximum Drive Current1.5 A
Maximum Power5 W
Maximum Light Output629 lm
Maximum Efficacy  at Binning Conditions178 lm/W
Typical Forward Voltage2.85 V @ 350 mA
CRIColor Temperature (K)
Warm White 2700 – 3750Neutral Whit  3700 – 5000Cool White 5000 – 8300
No min
Min 70
Min 80
Min 90



Power Supply ManufacturerMEAN WELL
Input VoltageAC90~265V/50-60Hz
Power Efficiency>92%
Power FactorPF>0.98
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)THD<20%

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