NOVA I 240W LED Modular Flood Light

Item NO: FL101-0P0240-615A Categories: NOVA I LED Modular Flood Light



  • Completely independent light modules. The power of a single module is 60W, though through some assembling and installation, the power can also reach 120W, 180W, 240W, and up to the maximum of 300W.
  • Thus your inventory can be reduced greatly. You only need to keep some basic inventory and store some conventional stent accessories, and with these alone you can meet customers’ different requirements. Meanwhile, the delivery cycle can be greatly shortened.
  • Easy to maintain. Since each module is independent from the other ones, maintenance and replacement for one module can be directly done without the needs to remove the entire fixture. Even under aerial working conditions, maintenance work can be done by a single worker.
  • Modules are connected with removable waterproof cable and re-wiring will not affect the cable’s waterproof performance.
  • Even in the case of multi-module combinations, a single module’s angle can still be adjusted independently and the angle of the entire lamp can also be adjusted directly through the stent.



Accessory Package 4(AP4)