Knight 80W LED High Bay Light

Item NO: HB081-0P0080-615A Categories: Knight LED High Bay Light

Knight 80W LED high bay light adopted heat pipe-riveting and massive fins cooling technology, efficiently reduce the temperature of the LED lighting chips and extend the lifespan of the lighting source to 50000hours. With anodizing and polishing, high purity aluminum reflectors minimize the glazing as well as optimize the lighting performance. Multiple choices for reflectors: 60°, 90°, 110°, to meet the requirement of professional light distributions.



    • 3-D heat dissipation: modular heatsink with perfect structure and inside airflow channels maxim the 3D heat dissipation.
    • Patented HDT technology: high efficient heatpipes contact the heat source directly, maximize the performance of the heatpipe to reach the cooling effect.
    • Creative compressed fine technology: rivet the heatpipe to heatsink body closely, greatly improve the heat dissipation effect.
    • Lighter lamp body compared with similar products.

3 Types Light Distribution

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        Heat pipe riveting, 3-D heat dissipation

          Adopting the heat pipe riveting technology and 3-D heat dissipation technology, the heat generated by the light has been conducted to the modular heatsink, thus, the temperature of the lamp body can be reduced in a short time and the lifespan of the lamp has been extended.


            Note: This product has two heat pipes, the picture is just a schematic diagram

              3D Heat DissipationProfessional heat dissipation structure design, perfect radiating module design, but also there are implicit duct, connecting the inside and outside of the lamp, and fins formed three-dimensional air duct up and down, radiating heat at the maximum.


                HDT processCopper heat pipe and heat source tightly connected, quickly conduct heat generated to the heat sink, greatly improving the cooling effect.

                  Compression processInnovative compression technology guarantees the connection of heat pipe and heat dissipation closely, minimize contact resistance. The lamp is light in weigh compared with similar products in the market.

                    Multi-angle reflectors available, built-in driver design


                      Fin-type high-purity aluminum reflectorAnodized and polished reflector has better lighting performance with the least glare. Reflectors angles of 60°, 90°, 110° to meet various needs.


                        Built-in driver designIntegral power supply design, save space and make the integral lamp compact.

                          Advanced design, efficient in protection


                            Modular heat radiator, heat dissipation more efficient

                              Hook with steel secure cord, high strength, good toughness, light weight, safe and reliable.


                                Anodized enable the whole lamp more durable in rigid environment.

                                  Flame-retardant, durable, strong oxidation resistance, dust-proof.


                                      This series LED knight high bay light can be used in high bay industrial plant, workshops, warehouse, Logistics centers, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, shipyards, mines, highway toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, bazaars and so on.