Formuler-A 150W LED Street Light

Item NO: SL061-0P0150-110B Categories: Formuler-A LED Street light

With generous appearance, novel and unique, the Formuler-A 150W LED street lights are designed to replace the 300W conventional HPS street lights. The specially designed housing structure, ensure the better performance in thermal management and wind resistance. Meanwhile, the weight of the lamp body is reduced, which makes the lamp more reliable and safe. The lamp can be mounted in height of 8-10 m, with good light quality without glare.



  • Professional optical lens design adopts light transmittance over 92%, light utilization over 45%.
  • High quality durable components ensure 5 to 8 years no maintenance.
  • User friendly. Plug & Play design. Fast installation.
  • Environmental friendly, totally mercury, UV and IR free.
  • Optical assembly hermetically sealed providing IP65.


Chip BrandBridgelux
Power SupplyMelon
Input VoltageAC90~265V/50-60Hz
Lamp’s Efficiency90 lm/W
Power Factor>0.97
Luminous Output(Typ.)13500lm±6% (@6500K)
Color Temperature3000K~6500K
Storage Temperature﹣40℃ to +50℃
Working Temperature﹣40℃ to +55℃
Working Humidity20%-90%

Key Components

IP Rating 65
Adopting the silicone ring, and professional sealing process. The lamp have super good performance in dustproof and wanterproof even under heavy rain.
Resistance to Typhoon 12
The lamps have been conducted the wind tunnel test, even in the wind speed 35m/s (Typhoon 12),the lamp keeps solid without any distortion and loose.
Corrosion resistance
Special process makes the lamp anti-corrosion,the body color bright and last long.
LED Chip BrandBridgelux
Rated LED Efficacy140~150lm/W
Lumen Maintenance>93%@10000h
LM80 ReportYES
Power Supply ManufacturerMelon
Input VoltageAC90~265V/50-60Hz
Power Efficiency>87%
Power FactorPF>0.98
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)THD<20%

Thermal Test

Thermal Test20℃
Testing Duration8 Hours

Light source temperature Average temperature of PCB: 47.5℃ Average temperature of LED chips: 52.9℃


The heat sink The average temperature of the heat sink: 55.6℃ The maximum temperature of the heat sink: 55.6℃

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