LED Light Bulbs

iLUXZ LED light bulb series provide almost any possible energy saving solutions to replace inefficient incandescent, CFL, HID bulbs of any shape with any socket but better lighting quality. With features of stable performance, low price and excellent luminous efficacy, iLUXZ LED bulbs are the best of the best.

Being totally mercury free, LED bulbs are absolutely environmental friendly while cutting your electricity bill by 80%. The secondary optical design of anti-glare of iLUXZ LED light bulbs minimized unpleasant light towards the eyes. Moreover, LED bulb requires much lower wire gauge, therefore less wiring cost and lower risk of fire disaster caused by the overheat of wires from high current. By the end of 2015, more than 3,300,000 of iLUXZ bulbs of all sorts have been sold to all over the world which gain hefty positive custom appraisal.