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LED street lamps are the ideal solution for efficient and ecological public lighting. Within the solutions of urban illumination we can find two different options: the streetlamps themselves and the LED light bulbs for lampposts. Depending on the existing luminaires we will choose between one or the other. LED Street Light By adopting this type … Continue reading LED Lamps for Street Lighting
Industrial luminaires have the characteristic of bringing intense illumination that could illuminate in large scale, but they consumed a lot of electrical energy to emit a smaller amount of light and with low durability. The first bulbs used to satisfy lighting needs in this size area were the sodium vapor or metal vapor lamps, with … Continue reading LED High Bay: A Popular Solution for Industrial Lighting
With the fast development in LED technology, application of LED lighting systems are becoming more and more popular in the industrial sector. As a leading industrial lighting manufacturer in China, we deeply believe that the innovative industrial lighting systems will bring great benefits to both the environment protection and your business. It is a fact … Continue reading Benefits of LED Lighting for Industrial Applications
Which types of floodlights should I buy? How can I compare the performance of the LED floodlights? Why are prices so different? These are only a few questions asked, when people deal with the purchase of floodlights. In the following content, we focus on what really counts and how to compare floodlights. Many people still … Continue reading What Distinguishes LED Floodlight with Traditional Lamps
Since I first took part in a lighting project 7 years ago, I have participated in more than 50 lighting projects, big and small. These have led me to understand one thing above all others: the best solution is always a well-balanced solution. It is easy to work out a solution that is generally doable … Continue reading How To Get Your Lighting Solution Well Balanced?
Before buying LED lamps, purchasers tend to inquire about the transmittance of the lamp lens, because many generally believe that the higher the light transmittance of the lens, the higher the light efficiency of the lamp, which would means in turn that the light fixture would save more energy. Research and sales show that when … Continue reading Be Aware of the Downsides That May Exist in Lamps with High Transmittance
As we all know, thermal design is the most important process in LED production, as a good thermal design is essential to enabling the substantial lifespan of the LED product. To most LED lighting purchasers, even those with professional LED knowledge, it is difficult to determine if a lamp has thermal design defects without professional … Continue reading Have You Ever Tried To Measure The Heat Dissipation of LED Light with Just An Illuminance Meter?
How many watts of T8 LED tube produces equivalent brightness with a traditional fluorescent tube? If we consider a typical 1.2-meter traditional T8 fluorescent tube, this will consume around 40 watts in total - 36W in power and then an extra 4W in ballast. If we take the average brightness within the market, the average … Continue reading FAQs about LED Tubes