LED light produces more lumen than flourescent

A lux is the perpendicular incidence of a lumen on a surface of 1 square meter. Equivalent to 0.0929 lumens. When defining that a lux equals a lumen per square meter, it is specified that a lumen is equivalent to a candela x steradian. The total luminous flux of one candle source equals 4π lumens (since a sphere comprises 4π steradian). In short, it can be expressed that a lux is a derived unit, based on the lumen, which in turn is a derived unit based on the candela. It is used in photometry as a measure of light intensity, taking into account the different wavelengths according to the luminosity function, it is a standard model of the light sensitivity of the human eye.

 Examples of lighting level.

0,00005 luxLight of a star (View from the ground).
0,0001 luxCloudy night sky, new moon.
0,001 luxClear night sky, new moon.
0,25 luxFull moon on a clear night.
1 luxFull moon at high altitude in tropical latitudes.
3 luxDark twilight boundary under a clear sky.
50 luxLiving room of a house.
80 luxHallway / bathroom.
400 luxWell lit office.
400luxSunrise or sunset on a clear day.
1000luxTypical lighting in a television studio.
32,000luxSunlight on an average day (min).
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