LED Lumen Depreciation

LED Lumen depreciation is a factor used to calculate the amount of the lumen output decrease over time. It is contingent upon the phosphor aging, decrease in the conversion efficiency of the diode itself, and the aging of the other components or materials. Use high quality encapsulation materials (including trust worth chip) and adopt good heat management design will effectively retard the depreciation of LED lumen output. Technically speaking, LED has much better performance against most commercial light sources.

lumen maintenance curve of led compared with various ligh types

Along with the continuous upgrades of LED technology, the ability of lumen maintenance of LEDs are rapidly increasing. In daily business practices, rigorous LED light manufacturer uses LM-80 (what is?) report result as important reference of the lumen depreciation level of LED light sources (LED package, LED arrays and modules). However, the dilemma is that the LM-80-08 test cycle lasts 6,000 hours as compulsory condition and the whole procedure of a formal test often takes more than 10 months, which is usually beyond the expected (most favorable) sales cycle of LED package therefore not all LED light sources are proved by a LM-80 test report.

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