LED Lamps for Street Lighting

LED street lighting

LED street lamps are the ideal solution for efficient and ecological public lighting. Within the solutions of urban illumination we can find two different options: the streetlamps themselves and the LED light bulbs for lampposts. Depending on the existing luminaires we will choose between one or the other.

LED Street Light

By adopting this type of LED street lighting, the advantages we get are similar to those offered by LED technology in most general lighting applications. They highlight the economic benefits that come from the energy savings they provide compared to conventional lamps, such as metal halide or sodium vapor bulbs, LED can save energy between 40% and 60% than conventional lamps. Besides, LED lamps are more durable, with lifespan almost 50,000 hours without maintenance.

From an environmental point of view, LED streetlamps do not pollute the environment. They contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and do not contain pollutants such as mercury.

Finally, by improving the level of lighting in the streets, we increase the level of comfort and safety in the public thoroughfare. In addition, the LEDs do not emit UV radiation, nor IR and emit very little heat, which is the reason why they attract the insects in smaller quantity.

LED Bulbs for Street Lamps

This type of bulb is the most economical solution to update the lighting of streets and squares, because the only element that is replaced is the bulb itself. Currently there are two different cap models: the E27, like the typical bulbs of fat thread, and the E40.

How to Choose the Right Lamp Bulb?

Depending on the light needs of the environment and the height of the luminaire, we can choose a range of powers from 10W up to 54W. Another factor to take into account is the arrangement of the bulb in the luminaire and the shape of it. Thus, we can choose a light bulb with the necessary IP protection (usually need to be IP65 or above) and the appropriate opening angle to take advantage of the maximum light. The typical apertures of the light beam are 180º and 360º.

Outdoor LED Streetlights

Replacing the entire luminaire is somewhat more expensive, but from the technical point of view is the most advisable. Although we will take a little longer to recover the investment, in return we will obtain greater benefits in terms of luminous efficiency, energy efficiency and durability of the product.

LED retrofit kits
Pallas LED street lamp

In iLUXZ LED we have a wide variety of LED street lighting luminaires, from the most classic to the most modern types. Our Pallas LED street light is designed with elegant appearance and with IP 67 protection degree, the perfect thermal design makes the lamp durable and work well even in rigid environment with perfect performance.

We also offer LED street light retrofit kits from 12W to 60W, with IP 67 protection grade. These retrofit kits with various dimensions, which can be perfectly fit for the existing lamps with easy installation.

Conceived for application in outdoor spaces, LED street lamps mainly in streets, avenues, parks and other routes, either within the population or in roundabouts and roads. Due to their power and durability, they can also be used in other areas such as car parks and commercial or industrial environments, where efficient and resistant light solutions are needed.

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