LED High Bay: A Popular Solution for Industrial Lighting

Industrial luminaires have the characteristic of bringing intense illumination that could illuminate in large scale, but they consumed a lot of electrical energy to emit a smaller amount of light and with low durability.

The first bulbs used to satisfy lighting needs in this size area were the sodium vapor or metal vapor lamps, with a high power of 400W. They were created to illuminate large environments such as industrial areas, halls, warehouses, sheds and workshops.

LED stands for light-emitting diode; These are semiconductors that transform most of the electric energy consumed into light, which is unlike conventional light bulbs, whose majority of the energy used is transformed into heat to produce light. In this way, it is clear that business can benefit from the advantages of replacing traditional lamps with LED, since industries need intense and efficient lighting that does not release heat.

With the LED technology, it is much easier to create high bay luminaires with greater brightness and low consumption. It is a product that contains LED lights with high luminous efficiency and symmetrical direction of light, in addition, it also has a heat sink that allows the cooling of the luminaire itself.

Technology has taken a lot of leaps since the last decades and industrial lighting could not fail to evolve as well. LED High Bay luminaires have gained a new version, the UFO LED high bay (because it looks like an UFO), which is much lighter and takes up less space, with high luminous efficiency and great electrical energy saving, containing heat sink and drivers that do not require the use of ballast.

In addition to these advantages, the lamp allows easy retrofit that allows the replacement of conventional lamps, in a practical and fast way, due to diversified patterns of fitting.

Changing conventional bulbs through LED luminaires is extremely important. Adapting the LED lamps provides visual comfort, safety at work, better visualization for handling and operation of machines and equipment.

By choosing LED High Bay, in addition to benefits for the industry itself, such as saving electricity, you will contribute to the sustainability of our planet, because the LED is recyclable, has no toxic materials, does not emit UVA and IR rays and does not Releases CO2, in addition to offering 50000 hours of useful life, avoiding the discard and the frequent exchange.

Choose the best lamp for your industry and count on lamp durability, without frequent maintenance, with great safety and healthy working conditions. Save time, money and contribute to the environment.

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