iLUXZ Launches Its 2017 New Product Concept to Break Through The Inventory Dilemma in Distribution Channel

iLUXZ led nova modular flood lights

Since 2011, when we established our high-power LED lighting business, we have been involved with more than 80 customers from 23 countries. Most of our lighting engineering customers can be divided into two types.

The first type are mainly lighting contractors, facility management companies, energy saving companies, etc. who focus on engineering lighting programs. They rarely retain a considerable inventory in their warehouses as lighting products for different engineering programs vary. They will normally start seeking suitable suppliers and products once they have received inquiry from their customers. They often have to work with a tight schedule to get back to their customer, while lacking information about the supplier, their solutions and products (especially when new LED products can emerge rapidly in today’s LED industry). Therefore, they face challenges in obtaining an accurate sample the first time and in testing it on the spot to decide whether it is the right product. And after exhaustive communication with different suppliers and often spending considerable time waiting, people often find out that the sample is totally useless or not appropriate and they have to start the whole process over again. Sometimes even if the sample is fortunately good enough, nobody can guarantee that the bulk order will be the same (and it happens).

Moreover, after the project is put into operation, the after sales service, to a large extent, often highly relies on overseas manufacturers, thus having an impact on quality, technical support and maintenance service. In the event that there is an issue with quality issue, lighting suppliers can struggle to provide timely repairs or replacements to restore business reputation. All of this can bring a negative impact to their business in terms of timeliness and certainty, and will diminish their competitive advantage against their competitors.

The second type of our customers focus on distribution. Most of them have established, stable networks, and distinctive product lines after many years of successful business operation. To shorten the delivery cycle, they stock a certain volume of LED flood lights or high bays, based on their seasonal forecasts. However, the customer’s needs for high power LED lights are diversified and, differing to traditional lighting products, LED lighting doesn’t have standard specifications – there are tens of thousands of different industrial LED lights from different manufacturers with different design, wattage, IP grade, beam angle, and even color temperature. If you want to fully meet the changing needs of customers, a huge inventory would be needed.

And,as mentioned earlier, in today’s LED lighting industry, product update every 6 months or so and prices change even faster. If a LED light cannot be sold within 6-12 months, the profit margin may be subject to a severe downturn, even down to a loss. It is likely that a product in a warehouse will lose its commercial value due to having been replaced by new products that are coming into the market, with increased functionality and lower prices. In summary, the inventory cost and holding risk for LED lights are considerable. 

To reduce the operational risk for our customers, iLUXZ developed a new LED module product – the NOVA I series.

NOVA-I flood light adjustable angle

This product is designed in line with the ‘plug-N-play’ concept. A multi-functional lighting fixture with a wide power range can be made by simply adding several standard 60W modules. It can be used as professional flood light, high bay, or wall washer, with a power from 60W to 300W. Our products can be used as floodlights, high bay lamps, and wall washers, are widely used in sports venues, industrial facilities, public places, shopping malls, supermarkets, outdoor billboards, underground garages, and other indoor and outdoor locations, and for different occasions.

iluxz LED flood light easy installation

The modules are connected with a pluggable modular power cord and each module can be taken off freely without stopping the working of other modules. This flexible and reliable modular waterproof power cord on guarantees that the ingress protection grade can reach IP66. The protection level won’t be influenced, no matter how many times you plug the module in and out. It is extremely easy to put modules together, no professional skill and knowledge are required. All these can be done in minutes with the simplest hand tools that are already included in our Accessory Package(AP). What’s more, if one module of the fixture (the combination of multiple modules) happens to fail to work, the maintenance personnel just need to pull out the corresponding power cord and unscrew a few screws, and the module with problems can be easily removed without any need to remove the whole lamp, and you can replace a new module right away. Meanwhile, the other modules in the lamp can still work normally. Thus the maintenance cost can be reduced by 50-60% compared to the similar products in the market.

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