Glare refers to the visual discomfort and visibility dropping which is due to the inappropriate brightness distribution, or to the extreme brightness contrast in space or time. The glare can be caused directly by the light source, or the light reflected from a surface.

Glare is one of the main factors that cause the visual fatigue, sometimes, even may cause visual disability. So selecting the right anti-glare light is essential. In some cases, such as in warehouse lighting, anti-glare light may help to improve staff work efficiency, and avoid workplace accident. 


The main factors that lead to LED Fixture glare are as follows:


(1) The brightness of the Light source: The brighter the light source, the more significant glare.

(2) The location of light source: The closer the light source to the human sight, the more significant glare.

(3) The amount and the size of the light source: The lager the surface area, and amount of the light source, the more significant glare.

(4) The brightness of the surroundings: The darker the surroundings environment, the more significant glare.

high glare Vs low glare

Three aspects of glare control:  

First of all,by the way of Secondary Optics Design to reduce glare level, including adopt correct lenses,diffusers and reflective material.   Secondary, considering multiple factors in terms of the brightness of LEDs, arrangement of LED array, the distance between LED and optical device (to get proper light mixing) as well as the light transmittance of optical materials.   Last but not least, anti-glare always the most important issue in the process of interior lighting design, place the light source in suitable positions to avoid directly stimulate people’s eyes.

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