Tips for Parking Lots Lighting with LED Light Fixtures

Good parking lot lighting solutions can not only effectively save energy, but can also be the most effective way to meet the lighting requirements that guarantee the safety of traffic. Choosing the right light according to the lighting requirement of each type parking lots and functional area of a parking lot is an area into which we have put considerable time and research. In the following, we will give you some lighting tips on the underground, three-dimensional, and ground parking lots.

Underground Parking Lot Lighting Tips

In underground parking lots, there are many facilities and intensive pipelines, a lack of natural light, and as a result areas where it is very easy to form shadows. Moreover, the lanes are narrow and if the lights are not properly arranged, the shadow areas will become a “sight blind spot” for drivers. In addition, there are issues related to the individual’s comfort and security within the car park, where low levels of lighting can create a perception of insecurity.

underground parking lot lighting tips

Entrance Lighting

As the human eye needs time to respond to changes in environmental brightness, when a driver moves quickly into a new environment with a great contrast in brightness, they are often not able to adapt to the environment as quickly as would be required for total safety. This may cause the driver to wrongly judge the relative position of the surrounding vehicles or objects and cause an accident. To avoid this, transition lighting that provides the appropriate level of horizontal illumination and vertical illumination should be set.

Lighting tips: Lighting fixtures for an entrance are better with high a color rendering index. The light of these types of lamps is closer to natural light, which has the benefit of easing the visual adaptation to the new environment. The LED T8 fixtures, LED linear fixtures, or high bay/low bay lights are good lighting options. 

Parking Lot Sign Lighting

From within a car park to outside it, there are various signs; some of them are self-luminous, while some need to be lit by other lighting equipment to be seen clearly.

Lighting tips: Avoid using high power lighting fixtures, as these can easily cause glare. However, lighting should guarantee that the Illuminance on the sign is higher than the surroundings in order to make the sign eye-catching. The lighting fixtures that are ideal for signs include LED flood lights and LED tube lights. 

Parking Space Lighting

Lighting in parking spaces should show the ground markings, the ground lock or parking post, and any isolation railings clearly to ensure the safety of parking.

Lighting tips: LED linear lights or LED bay lights are good options for park space lighting.

Parking Lot Aisle Lighting

The lighting requirement for parking lot aisles is similar to normal sidewalk lighting; that is to say, appropriate ground lighting and vertical lighting is needed.

Lighting tips: The lighting needs for aisle areas can be met by the installation of an LED wall pack, LED linear fixtures or LED bay lights.

Ambient Lighting

Due to the features of a multi-layered parking lot, with a larger area, low ceilings, and limited natural lighting, lighting should not only meet the requirements to make the ambient level brighter, but also should reduce the sense of oppression caused by the enclosed space.

Lighting tips: Usually LED T8 tubes, linear light fixtures and high bay lights in order to have the best ambient light effect.

Three-dimensional Parking Lot Lighting Requirements and Lighting Option

Three-dimensional parking lots use a mechanical equipment system to store the maximum quantity of vehicles. The system is composed of six parts: a steel frame, a turntable (buried), a conveyor car or elevator, a monitoring console, and auxiliary equipment (fire fighting system, power distribution network and an anti-theft mechanism). The use of the steel frame will inevitably produce a large number of shadowed areas.

Three dimensiona parking lot lighting tips

Therefore, the design of lighting for the three-dimensional parking lot should minimize the shadowed area to facilitate owners quickly finding their own vehicles and reducing security risks. As the three-dimensional parking spaces are often relatively narrow, lighting should further provide adequate illumination to avoid the collision of vehicles and lifts.

Lighting Tips: According to iLUXZ, the solutions for three-dimensional parking lot lighting design includes LED linear lighting or LED bay lights as general lighting fixtures, combined with warning lights and other auxiliary lamps as required.

Outdoor Ground Parking Lot

The lighting time for a ground outdoor parking lot is relatively shorter than for an underground parking lot, due to the level of natural light during the day. However, given the outdoor lighting environment, lighting fixtures must be more weatherproof. 

ground parking lot lighting

Lighting tips: The ground parking lot lighting layout has to be a reasonable array. The light distribution angle and the ground should enable a light contribution, to achieve an isolated lighting effect in the parking lot and therefore reduce light pollution to the outside environment.

In a ground parking lot with dispersed parking spaces or with a large area, usually flood lights are installed on a lighting pole. In the parking spaces or park aisle, LED street lights and LED Shoebox are recommended. 

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