Warehouse Lighting

The warehouse lighting market has grown by 20% annually in response to demand of the prosperity of logistics industry. In recent years, all over the world leading industry giants are constructing highly automated, multi-functional and high-density logistics hubs in order to improve efficiency, meanwhile, sophisticated lighting solutions have become more and more important. Efficient lighting systems play a crucial role, not only in improving the efficiency of logistics operations, but also in reducing accident rates, guaranteeing job security, and reducing running costs.

With the development of LED technology, replacing the traditional lamps with LED lamps is becoming more and more popular. Compared with the traditional light sources, there are many advantages of solid-state LED lighting: it is small in size and low in power consumption, its lifespan is long, it has high brightness while only generates small amounts of … Continue reading Replacing Traditional Warehouse Lighting with LED Lamps
Basically, the widely seen warehouses can be divided into categories as open air storage, indoor warehouse, cold storage and warehouse for hazardous chemicals. Lighting solutions should be based on the features of the warehouse type to guarantee the lighting performance, energy efficient, safety and even improving the working efficiency. Open Air Storage Open air storage … Continue reading Different Lighting Principles for Different Warehouses Types

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