LED Sports Lighting

According to structural characteristics, sports buildings can usually be divided into the following categories: 

• Stadiums, mainly used to organize sports carried out on the ground, such as football, baseball, rugby, and track and field athletics events.

• Arenas, which can hold not only sports events but also concerts, circuses, meetings and many other activities.

• Gyms, which aside from the traditional fitness centre image are becoming more and more popular as adaptable facilities that can be used for basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, dance, aerobics, free gymnastics, indoor competitions, and so on.

• Sportsplexes, which are large complexes containing a variety of sports venues. They can be indoor, outdoor, or both. In general, a sportsplex will consist of a softball field, a soccer field, roller ice hockey, basketball courts, volleyball courts and other leisure facilities.

Each type has its own features and an ideal lighting design should meet the special lighting requirements according to the features of the sports building. 

Design Principles of Stadium Lighting Reasonable stadium lighting design can not only improve the level of athletic competition, increase the audience's enthusiasm, enhance the quality of sports competitions and activities, but also can enhance operating income for sports organizers, and reduce operating and maintenance costs. The design of lighting for sports venues should follow the … Continue reading Use Lighting Design in Sports Venues to Enhance Operating Income

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