LED Replacement & Retrofit

Replacing traditional lamps with LED lighting can change both your business and your life considerably, as the new lighting option provides advantages in durability and economy. In this way, there is a real reduction in energy costs, thus leaving your budget with a visible cut in your account. It has been a trend all over the world to upgrade the lighting systems with LED lamps.

The fluorescent tubes have accompanied us in our kitchens, garages, etc., for a long time. While considering to replace them with LED tubes to save electricity bill and save the energy, and of course, to help protect the environment has become the new trend.  What Is A Fluorescent Tube and What Is the Working Principle? A fluorescent … Continue reading Everything You Need to Know When Replacing Fluorescent Tubes with LEDs
For Which Types of Companies Switching to LED Is Worthwhile?  Economically speaking, there are two main arguments in favor of LEDs: they have a much longer life span, and they consume much less electricity than other lamps. We recommend a changeover especially for all companies in which: The lamps keep operating for long hours every … Continue reading FAQs About Replacing Lighting System with LED Fixtures

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