LED Parking Lot Lighting

The types of parking lots most widely seen today are underground, three-dimensional, and ground parking lots. Energy consumption used for lighting is one of their main operating costs, especially for underground parking lots, which need 24 hours a day of continuous lighting. In addition to the energy costs, continuous lighting can lead to the lamps failing more easily, and extra maintenance and replacement work, all of which contributes to costs.

In order to save electricity, some car parks only install half of the lamps that are needed or only keep half of the lights turned on; some lamps’ turn on rate is less than 30%, with illumination less than the standard value requirements, which can result in higher accident rates. Overall, good car park lot lighting control and solutions will save your money with offering a more safe lighting environment.

Good parking lot lighting solutions can not only effectively save energy, but can also be the most effective way to meet the lighting requirements that guarantee the safety of traffic. Choosing the right light according to the lighting requirement of each type parking lots and functional area of a parking lot is an area into … Continue reading Tips for Parking Lots Lighting with LED Light Fixtures
Underground parking locations need continuous lighting, but for most of the time, when there is no pedestrian movement or vehicles traveling, continuous lighting causes energy waste, increased costs, and greater wear on the equipment, leading to lamps failing or expiring more often. In order to meet the requirements for a better lighting system that can … Continue reading Intelligent LED Lighting in Parking Lots

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