LED Outdoor Lighting

LED outdoor lighting products are now increasingly replacing traditional HID, sodium and metal halide lamps with overwhelming advantages. The merits of low power consumption, high efficacy, quick start and long life have made LED outdoor lighting an ideal solution to both newly-built facility and the existing buildings. On the other hand, outdoor lighting project requires more on quality and performance comparing to indoor lighting due to rigid environmental impacts. Poor quality lighting products cost businesses much more than financial losses, to a great extent it ruins business reputation that accumulated for years.

There’s a great variety of LED outdoor lighting fixtures, associated with lighting purpose (rather than decorative purpose), basically there are LED low/high bay lights, LED flood lights, LED linear fixtures, LED street lights and waterproof LED luminaires.

There are many LED products in the market, but far from all of them are of good quality. It’s true, when choosing which type of lighting to use, there are actually many aspects to consider and a right decision will often get twice the result with half the effort. Low-quality LED lights may flicker or … Continue reading 4 Aspects to Consider When Buying LED Outdoor Light Fixtures

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