Industrial LED Lighting

Industrial lighting is a functional lighting, in that it plays a crucial role in the production process within an industrial building. The lighting covers a wide range of diverse areas, including lighting in workshops for fine processing, in tall plant manufacturing for important products, and even lighting for production activities in wet, low temperature conditions, or in an environment where corrosion, dust, flammable, explosive and other harsh conditions may be experienced. A good industrial lighting system should meet the different lighting requirements for different working objects, operational methods, and working environments. It requires the right illumination, appropriate lighting fixtures, and the good coordination between general lighting and local lighting, the proper color rendering index, and to have features including those related to high efficiency, energy saving, and low glare. 

Energy consumption for lighting is an important part of the energy consumption of an industrial plant. In the steel, mining, smelting and other rough processing industries, lighting energy consumption is often more than 15% of the overall energy consumption; in the automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics and other fine manufacturing industries, it can take more than 30% … Continue reading Top 7 Principles in Industrial Lighting

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